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Job Searching for Youngsters

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Job Searching for Youngsters

The Hunt: Job Searching for Youngsters is an eBook created for individuals who are new to job seeking. This document is a quick go-to guide to learn about submitting job applications, resume writing, and interviewing.
The Hunt


Author, social media/marketing consultant based in Southern California.
GM in From GM to You stands for my initials, Gina Mack. Several years ago, a friend joked that I was one degree from anyone and could connect any two people together. Although in most cases I am more than just a degree from what you need, I am truly starting my journey of entrepreneurship with the intent to be one degree from what you need.
My first project is my eBook, The Hunt: Job Searching for Youngsters, released in January 2018 as a birthday gift to myself. It is a compilation of advice I’ve had bottled in my mind for almost a decade. Over the years, I’ve used my knowledge from that job to help friends and family in their job hunting seasons. I hope it can help some of you all as well.
To some, this website will seem a little all over the place, which is fine. There are many business ventures that I want to try, so why not? Join the mailing list to stay connected!
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